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History of Cumberland County, Kentucky

By: J.W. Wells, Pub. 1947, Reprinted 2019, 442 pages, ISBN #0-89308-890-0.

Cumberland County was created in 1798 from Green County.  It sits in along the Kentucky-Tennessee border in the south central portion of the state.  Of special note:  it sits directly above Smith and Jackson counties, TN, during the time of its creation.  This area of Kentucky saw large numbers of persons moving into and through as people were looking for new lands to settle as they were coming around the Appalachian Mountains heading West.  Information to be found within this book:  Marriages 1799-1817; Tax Lists 1799; Lists of Military Grants in Cumberland County; Lists of Land Grants in Cumberland; Grants by Kentucky in Cumberland County; Death / Inscriptions from 7 cemeteries in the county; Lists of Revolutionary Pensioners; short sketches of some Revolutionary soldiers who were living in Cumberland County; Lists of Cumberland County soldiers who served in the War of 1812, Civil War, and Spanish American War along with the cemetery buried in when known; almost 100 pages is devoted to genealogies of early pioneers: Alexander, Allen, Baker, Bledsoe, Boother, Bouldins, Bow, Bowman, Brake, Burchett, Cartwright, Cary, Cheek, Claytons, Claywell, Coe, Collins, Conner, Cumming, Davis, Dixon, Embree, Emmerson, Farmer, Fergus, Goff, Goggins, Gorman, Griders, Hicks, Higginbothams, Holsapple, Howards, Hunter, Jones, Keen, King, Lollar, Mackey, Maxey, McGee, Miller, Morgans, Myers, Nance, Neathery, Needham, Newby, Norris, Oliver, Owsley, Pace, Page, Paul, Parrish, Pierce, Rays, Radford, Reneaus, Ritcheys, Sampson, Saufleys, Scott, Self, Sewell, Simpson, Skipworth, Smith, Snow, Staton, Strange, Talbot, Thurmans, Traylors, Waggener, Warriner, Webb, Wells, Wilborn, Williams, Winfrey, and Wood.