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Cherokee County, Georgia, History of.


By: Rev. Lloyd G. Marlin, Pub. 1932, reprinted 2023, 330 pages, soft cover, NEW INDEX, ISBN #978-1-63914-118-0.

Cherokee County was created in 1831 out of lands that were ceded from the Cherokee Indians as part of the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery.  This book is broken in to two main sections.  The first is a historical account of the county with topics as: creation of the county, Indians, Boundaries and divisions, early settlers, Land Lotteries, Land Grants, Militia, Civil War involvement, towns, education, religion, commerce along with other things all important to growth and development to the county.  The second section is devoted to biographical sketches of these early residents.  Surnames: Anderson, Bearden, Blanton, Bobo, Brady, Burtz, Cagle, Carpenter, Chapman (6), Cline (3), Coker, Collins (2), Covington, Cox, Crisler (2), Day, Dean, Dial, Dobbs, Doss (2), Dowda, DuPree, Edwards, Elliott, Epperson, Erwin, Faulkner, Field, Fincher (4), Galt (2), Garrett, Gramling, Groover, Groves, Harbin, Harmon, Hillhouse, Hogan, Holcomb, Hughes, Johnson, Johnston (3), Jones (6), Knox, Landrum, Lathem, Lewis, McCanless (3), McClure (2), McWhorter, Mahan, Moore (2), Moss, Perry, Pettis, Ponder, Power (2), Redd, Richardson, Roberts (3), Rudasill, Sharp, Simpson, Spears, Stone, Tate, Teasley, Thomas, Thomason, Timmons, Vandivier, Wood (3), Worley and Wright.