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History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

By: J.H. Battle, Pub. 1887, reprinted 2020, 1086 pages, New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-912-5.
Bucks County was created in 1682 and was one of the first three counties created within the state.  It is the parent county to Northampton and Lehigh counties.  It sits in the Delaware Valley just north of Philadelphia in the Southeastern portion of the state boarding New Jersey.  This book is broken up into two main sections.  The first deals with the history of the county with such things as: early settlements on the Delaware, Dutch occupation, Indian hostilities and land claims, pioneer life, Dutch & English immigration, the Militia, the court system, slavery within the county, along with the discussion of the development & history of the various towns or boroughs found thought the county.   The second section of this book is devoted to 1028 biographical sketches of these early settlers broken down via townships or boroughs and followed up with a new Full Names Index with approximately 27,000 entries.