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History of Berks County, Pennsylvania in the Revolution from 1774 to 1783

By: Morton Montgomery, Orig. Pub. 1894, reprinted 2021, 300 pages, Index, ISBN #978-1-63914-015-2.  Berks County was created in 1752 from: Chester, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Counties. It sits in the southeastern portion of the state. Early immigrants who came to this area were from England, Germany and the Netherlands. This book is arranged in two parts. Part 1: covers the history of Berks County and her residents during the Revolution. With such things as, the county’s Associators, the various militia companies and their campaigns including their militia rolls, prisoners of war, matters of supply, proclamations, and estimates of men in service. Part 2: includes approximately 50 biographical sketches of persons with a focus on the individual’s participation in the war and, giving names of spouses and children.