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History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania


By: Robert W. Smith, Pub. 1883, reprinted 2023, 826 pages, New Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-101-2.

Armstrong County was created in1800 from Allegheny, Lycoming and Westmoreland Counties.  Its early settlers were of Scotch-Irish and English descent.  This book is not too different from other county history books of this era.  With such topics as trade and transportation, labor, farming, politics, and Civil War involvement - all important in the development of the county - are carefully discussed.  This type of county history book can help one develop ideas or paths to those missing ancestors by showing the customs and traditions of the local residents.  A particular useful feature of this book is the extensive biographical information included.  This volume contains approximately 90 biographical sketches, included in which are some 2,000 additional family members.  Also found in this nook are the names of some 7,000 other persons prominent in the early history of this county.  Some of the surnames of biographies:  Barnhart, Beale, Brodhead, Brown, Buffington, Butler,  Calhoun, Campbell, Chambers, Christy, Cochran, Craig, Devers, Doutt, Duff, Elder, Elgin, Fowler, Fulmer, Glenn, Graham, Guthrie, Heiner, Hill, Hunter, Jackson, Johnston, Keeley, Keppel, Lias, Mardorf, Marshall, McBryar, McCandless, McKallip, McKinstry, Miller, Mosgrove,  Murphy, Neal, Neale, Orr, Pontins, Putney, Ralston, Read, Robinson, Rohrer, Schwalm, Shoemaker, Sirwell, Sloan, Smith, Townsend, Truitt, Wannamaker, Warner, Wilson, and Wray.  The New Index that was created for this reprint mentions approximately 14,500 entries...