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History of Adams County, Pennsylvania


By: Warner, Beers & Company, Orig. Pub. 1886, reprinted 2022, 756 pages, New Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-084-8.

Adams County was created in 1800 from York County which in turn was carved out of Lancaster County. It lies in the south-central portion of the state along the Maryland State line. First settlers started arriving in the area around 1730. The majority of these immigrants were Scotch-Irish along with a smaller population of English and Germans. This book is broken down into three parts. The first is a history of the state of Pennsylvania from 1624-1886. The second is a history of the county with such topics as: the German, Scotch-Irish and Jesuit immigration; early settlers, French Huguenots, roads, customs, politics, religion, War of 1812, Civil War, education, newspapers, citizens of Gettysburg, 1717-1829; Battle of Gettysburg, various townships listing early land owners and value of land, Lists of first claims of land at Manor Maske giving dates and acreage, list of early marriages 1774-1808, Roster of officers during the Revolutionary War. The third is a biographical sketch section of approximately 387 persons with a New Index that was produced for this reprint which mentions approximately 23,000 persons.