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Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783

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By: Francis B. Heitman, Pub. 1914, 702 pages, Index, Ebook, ISBN #978-163914-295-8.  This book is considered a standard reference work on the officers of the Revolutionary War.  These officers were not only from the Continental Army but also, included many from the militia and state troops.  It contains a list of approximately 14,000 officers arranged in alphabetically order with their service records being included.  Data to be found: Name and rank, dates of service, when and where wounded, if taken prisoner, if exchanged, killed, name of the state in which service was rendered and designation of company, command and other items of interest.  This work also includes a list of French officers who served in the Continental Army, as well as alphabetical and chronological lists of battles and skirmishes.