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Historic Sumner County, Tennessee with Genealogies of the Bledsoe, Cage and Douglas Families and Genealogical Notes of other Sumner County Families


By: Jay G. Cisco, Pub, 1909, reprinted 2023, 320 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-160-9.  Sumner County was created in 1786 from Davidson County. It was later divided to create the counties of Smith and Wilson.  This book was the consolidation of a series of articles that the author had published in the Nashville American in 1907.  These articles were revised and expanded for this book along with the addition of additional data that came from interview of many survivors of the original settlers of Sumner County.  The first portion of this book is similar to other history books of the ear, covering such topics as early exploration of the county, local topography, territorial laws, officials, early landowners, and Sumner County in the participation in wars, particularly the Civil War. The bulk of this work focuses on Sumner County pioneers and their families in a series of genealogical and biographical sketches of the featured families of Bledsoe, Cage, and Douglass.  The author also included mini biographical sketches on numerous other pioneers and their families including: Anderson, Barrow, Barry, Bate, Bell, Bertinatti, Blackmore, Belmont, Bowen, Bowie, Breckenridge, Campbell, Carmack, Carr, Cisco, Clark, Desha, Donaldson, Ellis, Fulton, Gaines, Garth, Guild, Gwin, Hall, Hallum, Hammond, Hatton, Head, Judd, Lauderdale, Lindsey, Malone, Mansker, Martin, McKendree, Morgan, Morris, Odom, Parker, Peyton, Pickett, Read, Rogan, Rogers, Rutherford, Sanders, Sharkey, Shelby, Scurry, Smith, Spencer, Trousdale, Vanderbilt, Walton, Weatherred, Williams, Wilson, Winchester, and Wynne.