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Historic FAMILIES of Kentucky

By:  Thomas Marshall Green, Pub. 1889, Reprinted 2019, 310 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-797-1.
This book is a basic history of the state, with considerable emphasis on the accomplishments of its pioneer families, including their public service in the nation’s struggle for independence. The main emphasis of the book is to trace these pioneer families and their origin within this country while a number of them were of Scotch-Irish extraction whose ancestors immigrated to America in the early 18th century and became pioneers of the Valley of Virginia. Descendants of these families of the Valley were among the early pioneers of Kentucky.  Families for which biographical Sketches are found within: Alexander, Allen Anderson, Andrews, Ball, Barbour, Bell, Benton, Birney, Blair, Bowman, Brashear, Breckindridge, Brown, Buford, Bulitt, Burden, Butler, Campbell, Carlisle, Carrington, Caron, Caruthers, Carthrae, Chrisman, Christian, Clarke, Clay, Crittenden, Cummings, Dickson, Drake, Duke, Fontaine, Frogg, Hall, Harbeson, Hardin, Harvey, Harvie, Hawkins, Helm, Innes, Irvine, Gordon, Jones, Keith, Kirk, Le Grand, Lewis, Logan, Luke, Lyle, Madison, Marshall, McAlpine, McClure, McClarty, McClung, McDowell, McKnight, McPheeters, Metcalfe, Miller, Moffett, Monroe, Montgomery, Moore, Murray, Neil, Newton, Patton, Parker, Paxton, Pepper, Pickett, Preston, Price, Randolph, Reade, Reed, Reid, Smith, Starling, Stuart, Strother, Taylor, Thornton, Todd, Venable, Warner, Washington, Woodson, Wallace.