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Henrico Parish, 1730-1773, The Vestry Book of.


By: Dr. R.A. Brock, Orig. Pub. 1904, reprinted 1995, 204 pages, Hard Cover, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-618-5.

When the Parishes were created by the general Assembly of Virginia, the Vestries were assigned some of the civil administrative functions and all of such civil functions were official in nature and the records of actions taken were recorded in the vestry book.  This book serves as a unique as well as double purpose in that it contains two different sets of records: the minutes of the vestry (civil functions) and also the order for Processing. The later was the surveying of land to attempt to eliminate lawsuits over boundary lines. This book is filled with hundreds of early inhabitants. In the last portion of this book are "Notes" from the author. These notes contain genealogies of some 30 founding families and individuals.