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Hanover County, Virginia Chancery Wills and Notes.


By: William R. Cocke III, Pub. 1940, reprinted 1998, 224 pages, Soft Cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-287-2.

Here is a book that any researcher "MUST" have if he or she is researching in this "BURNED" county. Hanover County was created in 1721 from New Kent County and in turn the western portion of Hanover County was carved off to give way to Louisa County in 1742.  Over 250 families are mentioned at some length in this book. There are 147 Wills or abstracts contained therein, many of them brought to light for the first time after painstaking research by the author.  In the treatment and presentation of these "Notes", which are abstracts of bills & petitions, deeds, power of Attorney, administrators accounts, depositions, receipts and letters mentioning approximately 7,000 individuals. The objective was to extract every detail of genealogical, biographical and historical importance and to arrange when convenient alphabetically in relation to families, and chronologically as regards to genealogy. References are made to the title or style of the suit, year of institution, and ended file number.