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(Guilford County ) Founders & Builders of Greensboro, North Carolina.


By: Bettie Caldwell, Pub. 1925, Reprinted 2018, 356 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-593-6.

Greensboro lies in the heart of Guilford County, NC.  It was created to become the county seat around 1808.  This book covers the early history of the area but its main focus details the biographies of 50 of its early citizens.  Many of these biograhies detail the lives of persons being born prior to its creation with some as early as 1740’s.

Surnames of biographees:  Adams, Albright, Alderman, Benbow, Bumpass, Caldwell, Caruthers, Cone, Cuninggim, Dick (2), Dillard, Doub, Douglas, Eckel, Gillespie, Gilmer (2), Gorrell (2), Gray, Gretter, Hildeshetmer, Humphries, Jones, Lindsay (2), Logan, McIver, Mendenhall, Michaux, Morehead (4), Paisley, Porter, Reece, Scales (2), Schenck, Scott, Settle, Sloan, Smith, Swaim, Walker, Whartton (2), and Wiley.