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Greene County, Tennessee Tax Digests, 1809-1817.


By: Golden F. Burgner, Pub. 1986, reprinted 2019, 272 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-277-5.

Greene County was originally Tennessee County, having been formed in 1783.  Prior to its formation, it was part of North Carolina.  It is the parent county to: Blount, Cocke, Jefferson, & Sevier.  As will be seen, it is a veritable gold mine of genealogical information for persons interested in Greene County and surrounding East Tennessee counties.  These tax digests contain the names of those persons paying taxes, and depending upon the person’s circumstances, would contain quantity of land in each tract that was being listed, where said tract lay, information concerning title to said land, whether it was the deed, or entry, or improvement, or claim, etc.  It also showed white polls for whom taxes were being paid, number of black polls, number of stud horses, number of retail stores, and a column for peddlers and hawkers, and on some occasions the number of towns lots owned by the person.