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Greene County, Tennessee Power of Attorney Books, 1806-1904.

By: Jan Maddux & Carolyn Gregg, Pub. 2018, 604 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-775-0.

Greene County was originally Tennessee County, having been formed in 1783.  Prior to its formation, it was part of North Carolina.  It is the parent county to: Blount, Cocke, Jefferson, & Sevier.  As will be seen, it is a veritable gold mine of genealogical information for persons interested in Greene County and surrounding East Tennessee counties.
     These records are unique and sometimes the only piece or connection to a relative that has disappeared to the researcher.  Some of these records will name children with their parents in a time when no other records exist to make these connections.  These Power of Attorney Books are detailed records of people who have moved West and inherited from Greene County relatives as well as other business ventures from Greene County citizens.  The greatest value of this book is the tracing women, their parents and other relatives and their locations when they moved from Greene County, TN.  Another interesting feature of using this as a research aid, is the insight to a female relative because she had to be interview separately from her husband to ensure that she was aware of what she was signing and that she was not coerced into signing away their property.