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Grave Markers in Burke County, Georgia


By: Lillian Powell, Dorothy Odom, and Albert Hillhouse, Pub. 1974, reprinted 1988 & 2023, 384 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-136-Burke County was one of the first 8 counties created by the Constitution of 1777 after Georgia broke from British control and became an independent state.  During the short period 1733-1752 when Georgia was a Trustee Colony, and later a part of this geographical area was known as "Halifax District".  In 1793 a portion of Burke was cut off to help create Screven County and in 1796 another portion to form Jefferson County and in 1905 to create Jenkins County.  Waynesboro is the county seat and other cities are Midville, Sardis, Alexander, Blythe (partly in Richmond), Girard, Gough, Keysville, Rosier, Shaw Town, Shell Bluff, St. Clair, and Vidette.  Also included in this book, but located in Jefferson, Jenkins, Richmond and Screven Counties are 39 cemeteries in the main not far from Burke County line.