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Gloucester County, Virginia, Colonial Records of.


By: Polly C. Mason, Pub. 1946, Reprinted 2016, 166 pages, paper, Index, ISBN #0-89308-248-1.

Gloucester County was created from York County in 1651. Gloucester County Courthouse suffered two burnings, one in 1820 and the second in 1865. Most of the records were presumed destroyed or lost forever due to these fires. The author had discovered numerous files and records concerning this county located within the numerous volumes of records concerning the Colony of Virginia, the clerk’s office in Yorktown (York County), and various other county courthouses of Virginia. Records within this book are: Land Patents 1642-1790, Rent Rolls 1704/5, Tax Lists 1770-1782, Mathews County Tax Lists 1774-1791, members of the Burgesses Council and Court, and Land Patents for Gloucester in King & Queen County, VA. The Index mentions approximately 6,500 persons.