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Franklin County, Tennessee 1832-1837, Court Minutes of.


By: WPA, Pub. 1938, reprinted 2014, 285 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-549-9.

Franklin County is located in middle Tennessee and was created in 1807 from Warren and Bedford Counties. It was a major county of migration and is surrounded by the counties of: Bedford, Coffee, Lincoln, Marion, Warren, and the Alabama State line on the South.  In these abstracts, one will find local office holders being appointed, the levying and expenditure of local taxes, selecting & summoning of juries, licenses being granted to operators of taverns, as well as deeds & bills of sale being acknowledge by the grantor. The Court also oversaw a wide range of matters involving estates, including probate of will, settlements of estates, and appraisement, as well as matters dealing with bastardy, and many other valuable bits of information.