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Franklin County, Georgia Inferior Court Minutes, 1794-1812. (Volumes 1 & 2)

By: Michael A. Ports, Pub. 2018, Index, 364 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-991-5.

Franklin County was created in 1784 and was considered the 8th county of the state.  It is located in the northeastern portion of the state boarding South Carolina along the Savannah River. The Inferior Court tried any civil case except those involving title to land. The court had jurisdiction over county business matters, such as care for the poor, building and maintaining the courthouse, jails, roads bridges and ferries, issuing liquor licenses, nominating justices of the peace, performing naturalizations, appointing guardians, authorizing apprenticeships & indentures, maintaining a register of wills and administering county funds. The Clerk of the Inferior Court kept minutes of the foregoing proceedings--every one of which places individuals in Franklin County at a particular point in time.