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Franklin County, Georgia Court of Ordinary Records, 1787-1849.

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By: Martha Acker, Pub. 1989, reprinted 2024, 330 pages, Index, Ebook, ISBN #978-1-63914-270-5.  Franklin County was created in 1784 and was considered the 8th county of the state.  It is located in the northeastern portion of the state boarding South Carolina along the Savannah River.  Early on, Franklin County boarded Wilkes and Greene Counties, Georgia and Pendleton District/County, South Carolina.  Franklin County is the parent county in part or whole to: Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Hart, Jackson, Madison, Oconee, and Stephens.  In Georgia this court formerly had exclusive and general jurisdiction over probate of wills; granting letters testamentary, or of administration, and revocation of same; management, disposition and distribution of estates of decedents, idiots, lunatics and insane persons and all such other matters and things as appertain or relate to same; appointment or removal of guardians of minors and persons of unsound mind and all controversies as the right of guardianship; receiving and hearing applications for homestead and exemption and granting same; jurisdiction in binding out if orphans and apprentices and all controversies between master and apprentice.  This book has approximately 6,500 entries.