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Fayette County, Alabama, History of.


By: Herbet & Jeanie Newell, Pub. 1960, 467 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-811-0.

This book should be in the library of anyone who has or is researching in the State of Alabama due to not only its scarcity but also for its content. When this book was first printed in 1960, it was limited to a print run of only 200 copies. So that when a person tries to locate a copy, it is nearly impossible.  Fayette county was created in 1824 from Tuscaloosa county. This book discusses the history of the county through such topics as: economics, transportation, education, religion and government. This book is a genealogical treasure chest, as it is filled with lists of persons from the county such as: heads of household for 1830 & 1840, numerous lists of public servants, ministers for various churches throughout the county, lists of Pensioners for the War of 1812, volunteers from the Seminole War, Civil War census of 1907, Cemetery records, and many, many other lists concerning persons from the county. But what the family historian / researcher will savior are the Biographical Skecthes of approximately 1,200 early settlers/citizens of the county. This alone makes-up over half of the entire book.