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Edgefield County, S.C. Records, 1746-1858


By: Janie Revill, Pub. 1984, reprinted 2016, 246 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-531-6.

These abstracts are a panorama of available records such as jury lists, wills estate records, deeds, plats, tombstone, etc... of a particular surname in Edgefield County. These records cover a period to and after the Revolutionary War, often reaching into other counties and states for additional information citing her source. Her records are known for her fairness and accuracy.  Since the records were typed in alphabetical format, only those names within the body of the abstract (and different from name flanked with left margin) were indexed. Female names were often indexed under both maiden names and married names.  For the first time her renowned card abstracts of Edgefield County, SC heretofore housed in the Washington Memorial Library, Macon, GA. are published with a full-name index of all persons within the 246 pages.