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Early Settlers of Georgia, A List of the.

By: E. Merton Coulter and Albert B. Saye, Pub. 1949, Reprinted 2018, 124 pages, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-943-5.

This book is a list of the early settlers of Georgia but more importantly a list of the FIRST SETTLERS of Georgia.  It is considered a complete list of all those who were sent by the Trustees for establishing the Colony know as Georgia.  This book is broken into three parts.  Part one is a list in alphabetical order of pesrons who went from Europe to Georgia at the Trustees’ Charge.  Part two is a list in alphabetical order of persons who went from Europe to Georgia on their own Account.  Giving such information as: Name, Name of Spouse,  Age, Marital status, date left Europe, date arriving in Georgia, final destination heading to, Name of Trustees, occupation and etc...   And part three, is a list in alphabetical order of the first Shipload of Georgia Settlers