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Early Settlers of Alabama.


By: James Edmonds Saunders, Orig. Pub 1899, reprinted 2015, 556 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN # 0-89308-061-6.

This excellent book on the history of northern Alabama and most especially of Lawrence County is a MUST. The volume is in two parts, part one being "Recollections of the Early Settlers of North Alabama ", written by Col. Saunders. This part contains a brief history of Lawrence County, AL. and the Tennessee River Valley, sketches of many early families and personalities of the area and their origins as well as Col. Saunders writings on the Civil War.  Part two, "Notes and Genealogies", was compiled by Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders Blair Stubbs, a granddaughter of Col. Saunders. The genealogies cover not only families in Northern Alabama but in other areas of the state, and also other states as well, giving much detail and family origins in this country and abroad. Among the families covered are: Banks, Bankhead, Bibbs, Billups, Blair, Cantzon, Clark, Clay, Coleman, Cox, DuBose, Dudley, Dunn, Eliott, Flint, Foster, Fry, Gholson, Goode, Gray, Harris, Hill, Hopkins, Kennedy, Lanier, Ligon, Lowe, Maclin, Manning, Maury, McCarthy, McGehee, Moore, Oliver, O’Neal, Phelan, Poellnitz, Ray, Richardson, Saunders, Shelton, Sherrod, Shorter, Speed, Swoope, Tait, Taliaferro, Thompson, Tillman, Urquhart, Walthall, Watkins, Webb, Weeden, Wells, White, Withers, Yates, and Young.