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Early Pennsylvania Land Records, 1686-1732

By: William Henry Egle,Orig. Pub. 1893, Reprinted 2019, 789 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-367-4.
The early days of the new Colonies in America were dictated by the King Charles II and his granting of land within them.  William Penn played a huge role in the development of Pennsylvania shortly after receiving his grant in 1680.  He offered portions of his new lands up for sell to be purchased out right or a person could purchase the “Rights” to lands that the final parcel has not yet been determined.  When purchased out right , the buyer would be delivered a description of the land in terms of metes and bounds.  When someone purchased the “Rights” to lands, he would receive a warrant for his money.  He would then provide this to the Surveyor General when he arrived in Pennsylvania and choose his parcel land.  Many times these warrants or “Rights” to lands would be purchased as investments and alter put back up for sell as the original purchaser had no intentions on coming to the new world.    This book is invaluable for the researcher of early Pennsylvania genealogy.  This book is based on the minutes of the Board of Property beginning in the year 1687 and ending in 1732.   It not only gives the history of the property in detail but also provides a great deal of genealogical information about the family who purchased these lands.