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Death Records from Missouri Newspapers, 1854-1860. (Vol. #1)


By: Lois Stanley, George F. Wilson & Maryhelen Wilson, Pub. 1983, reprinted 2018, 280 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-444-1

These records cover the time frame of 1854-1860.  The records here (there are approximately 5,500) come from all over Missouri, though some areas were not covered by a newspaper.  But there were at least 85 newspapers in existence in the state, at one time or another, during the period covered by these records; and very often a death notice appearing in one would be picked up by one or more of the others.  So, even when some of the newspapers are lost (and many are) we still have news from their areas.  These records, taken from 42 newspapers, include adults and children old enough to have appeared in the 1850 census, together with probate notices for some “burned” counties, notably Chariton, Dallas, and St. Clair.  Some records, not available in the initial preparation for the book, are found in the ADDENDA starting on page 261.