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Cumberland Region of Tennessee, Biographical Sketches of the.


By: G.A. Ogle & Company, Publishers, Pub. 1898, reprinted 1995, 291 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-191-4.

This almost unknown and overlooked book has been reprinted as to bring to the reader’s attention and use some 228 biographical sketches of individuals who lived in the Cumberland Region of East Tennessee.

Surnames for which biographies are to be found are: Alley, Anderson, Annis, Ashburn, Austin, Barber Baumgartner, Beene, Berry, Biley, Billingsley, Blocklock, Boyd, Brady, Brewer, Bright, Brown (2), Bull, Burnett, Cain, Carpenter, Center, Clark, Cotnam, Cummings, Dame, Davis (4), Dlakins, Dietzen, Dykes, Farmer, Flynn, Foster (2), Frater, Garrison, Gillenine, Gill, Gilliam, Gallreath, Griffith, Grissom, Griswold, Groupon (3), Greer (3), Gunn, Hall, Humby (4), Hamilton, Hargis, Harris, Hastons, Havron, Haynes (2), Heard, Hendrix, Henson, Hicks, Hinch, Hillis, Hodges, Hoodenpyle, Howland, Hudson, Hunter, Hutcheson, Janeway, Jenkins, Johnson (2), Jones, Justin, Kearley, Kell (2), Kelley, Kell (5), Keeling, Ladd, Lamb, Lay, Lockhart, Long, McDaniel, McElroy, McGlothen, McLarney, McNabb, McRee, McReynolds (4), Mabry, Mansfield (2), Marugg (2), Meyer, Minter, Morgan, Moore (2), Morrison, Moyers, Northcut (3), Norwood (2), Pankey, Paine, Parham, Parkins (2), Partin, Parker, Patton (3), Peck, Pearson, Peay, Pike, Prigmore, Proctor, Pryor (6), Orange, Overturf, Rankin, Real, Revfro, Richards, Riggle, Roberson, Roberts, Rogers (2), Rust, Safley, Sanders, Sexton, Schild (2), Scurggs, Schoolfield, Seamons, Shirley, Shoemate, Simmons (2), Skillern, Skelton (2), Silver, Smith, Smartt, Snodgrass, Sparkman (3), Spears, Stewart, Standifer, Stone, Swafford (2), Swan, Taylor (2), Tate (2), Thach (2), Thompson, Thurman, Thaxton, Turner, Weaver, Whitlock, Wiley, Willis, Witson, Woodlee (2), Worthington (2), Vick, Von Bergen.