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Cumberland Parish: Lunenburg County, Virginia 1749-1816 and Vestry Book 1749-1816

By Landon C. Bell, Pub. 1930, Reprinted 2019, 638 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-617-7.

Cumberland Parish was formed at the same time Lunenburg County was created and was coextensive with the county.  Lunenburg County was formed from Brunswick County in the year 1745.  The Parish of St. Andrews which was located in Brunswick County was also divided and that which was located in the “new” Lunenburg County would be called Cumberland Parish.  These records are considered official because the Vestry was responsible for them and not the county clerks.  First of the records mentioned are the well-known Rev. John Cameron’s Register of Marriages.  This register follows him through his Rectorship in Bristol Parish, 1784-1793; Nottoway Parish, 1794-1795; and Cumberland Parish, 1796-1815.  Also, a register of Baptisms and funerals for Cumberland Parish for the year 1815 is given.  These records are followed by the Vestry Book of Cumberland parish, 1746-1816.  In these Minutes of the Vestry, many of the same things are mentioned as in other vestry books, but of special note are the mentioning of land records.  These land records range from conveyances, deeds, to mortgages.  Also, there is much of this periodic.