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Culpeper County, Virginia, Records of.


By: Dorothy F. Wulfeck, Pub. 1965, Reprinted 2018, 198 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-791-2.
Culpeper was created in 1749 from Orange County which in turn was created from Spotsylvania which was created from Essex. This volume includes the abstracts of Wills from 1770-1791 and the index for book "G" 1813-1817. Book "G" is lost so the index to the original book will help place an individual in the county at a given time frame. The reader will also discover abstracts of Old Miscellaneous Papers 1827-1870 which were discovered in the Clerk’s office. Also included are Court Suits from 1815-1839, along with some Tombstone Inscriptions.