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Coosa County, Alabama, History of.


By: Rev. George Evans Brewer, Pub. 1942, reprinted 2023, 314 pages, New Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-138-8.  The history of Coosa County has been reproduced from a revised edition of the Alabama Historical Quarterly, published by the State Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, AL.  Coose County was created in 1832 from land acquired in the Creek Cession of 1832 and named for the Coosa River which shapes the western boundary of the county.  In 1900 all court records were destroyed by fire.  Marriages and Wills date from 1834, Inventory of Estates from 1897; Orphans Court records from 1843.  Contents: Early settlement, organizations, Acts of early courts, opening roads, etc; Wetumpka (its history and leaders); Settlements and Settlers of Coosa (Nixburg, Kellyton, Goodwater, Hatchett, Mt. Olive, Weogufka, Stewartville, Rockford, Marble Valley, Travler's Rest, Boyckville); Offices of Coosa County, 1837-1907, including early customs (i.e. social events); Military records of Coosa 1832-1862, War Records of Coosa, Mexican, War, Confederate War Roster and Companies of Men from Coosa County; Schools and Churches; Times of Political Excitement; Men of Special Note in Coosa (i.e. early prominent settlers, their forebearers and descendants).