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Claiborne County FOLKS

By: John Robertson, Pub. 1981, Reprinted 2019, 134 pages, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-741-6.

Claiborne County was created out of Hawkins and Grainger counties in 1803.  It sits in Eastern Tennessee just West of the interest to the Cumberland Gap, which was the gateway to the fertile lands of the Midwest.  This book is consortium of various Biographical Sketches: Alexander, Beeler, Bolinger, Breeding, Burchfield, Cawood, Chumley (2), Cobb, Crutchfield, Ellis, Evans, Faulkner/Fortner, Ferguson, Gibson, Hurst/Harper/Henderson/Huddleston/Pearson/Thompson/Burch, Keck, Killion, Mayes, Maddox/Maddux, Mason, Monk, Moyers, Owens, Pearman, Pillion, Price, Robertson, Rogers, Russell, Singleton.  The author has also listed over 1650 deaths with dates of various people taken from the Diary of John Robertson and from obituaries.