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Chattahoochee County, Georgia, History of.


By: N.K. Rogers, Pub. 1933, Reprinted 2010, 402 pages, hard cover, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-032-2.

Located on the Chattahoochee River in southwestern Georgia, Chattahoochee County was carved out of present day counties of Muscogee, Marion, Stewart, Talbot, and Webster Counties, Georgia and on the west across the Chattahoochee River by Russell County, Alabama.  The family historian / genealogist will find this book to be a gold mine of information for this and surrounding counties. There are many lists given: road overseers for 1845, road commissioners for 1848 & 1913, Representatives of the State Legislature 1854, Senators 1861, and lists of county officials such as Sheriffs, tax collectors, surveyors, coroners, justices of the peace, and many other types of county officials. There are also lists of marriages from 1854-1889, seven rosters of troops that were organized and recruited from Chattahoochee County, and even the 1st Tax Digest for 1857 is given. The author even includes some church records of which there are church rolls & memberships from various churches covering the time period 1837-1870 and even tombstone inscriptions from the County Line Church. There are also abstracts from the Court of Ordinary from 1854-1865, along with abstracts of the Wills from the county covering 1853-1883. Another interesting aspect of this book are the land transfers that occurred in both Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties that start in 1833 and go well into the 1860’s.  The major bulk of this book (230 pages) is devoted to family genealogies / biographical sketches of its early residents.