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Burke County, North Carolina Land Records, 1779-1790, Vol. #2, and Important Miscellaneous records, 1777-1800.


By: Edith Warren Huggins, Pub. 1981, reprinted 2020, 215 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-560-X.  By: Edith Warren Huggins, Pub. 1981, Reprinted  2020, 216 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-560-X.

Burke County was formed in 1777 from Rowan, which is bounded by Catawba, Cleveland, Rutherford, McDowell, Avery, and Caldwell counties.  This book contains Burke County, N.C. Land Entries 1779-1790; Loose Papers and Land Entries 1779-1798; Entry Takers' Returns 1779-1785; Loose Land papers 1779-1788; Land Entries and Deeds 1779-1809; Deeds, Entries, Poles & Acres 1787-1790; Land Papers and Deeds 1770-1790; Land Plats 1777-1789; Land Warrants and Surveys 1779-1790; An Itinerary of 1777; Commissioners Appointed to Erect Courthouse  and Town, Morgans Borough 1777, 1784; Burke County officials Bonds; Tavern Bonds 1784-1800; Apprentice Bonds 1778-1795; Deed of Gift 1772-1777; Power of Attorney 1773-1777; :Tax Records 1782-1793; Lists of Jurors 1788-1793; Road Papers, Petitions, Orders 1787-1795; Burke County Records in Rutherford County Will Books; Land papers and Deeds 1778-1794; Occupation and Professions 1778-1798; Entry Takers Returns 1785-1793; Subpoena Docket for Tories 1782; Enemies Cited to Court 1782; All to be Cited as Tories in January Session 1782; List of Strays Delivered to Samuel Greenlee 1777-1782; Burke County Militia Returns 1780-1782; Revolutionary War Final Settlements, Burke County 1777-1792; Estate Papers 1777-1795; and Some Interesting Civil and Criminal Court Papers, 1773-1790.