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Births, Deaths, and Marriages in El Paso Newspapers to 1885.

By: Jane Beard, Pub. 1982, Reprinted 2018, 248 pages, INDEX, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-171-X.

This book contains all the genealogical information given for births, deaths and marriages that appeared in these early newspapers for the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma (Indian Territory).  If they occurred elsewhere but had a connection with this area, they were included.  Many people came from other states, particularly the Northern states from Illinois east, for their health.  Many died here, some went home to die, but their death was reported in this area.  Some came to die and stayed to live.  Many Americans died in New Mexico and have been included along with some who died in other Central and South America countries.  If you had a relative who “went West” and disappeared before 1886, this book could be of GREAT HELP.