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Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana


By: Southern Publishing Co., Orig. Pub. 1890, Reprinted 2016, 776 pgs, Hard Cover, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-778-5.

Here is one very, very rare book that is so hard to find that until now many persons were not even aware of its existence. This book is a MUST for persons doing research in the state of Louisiana (with particular interest in the Northern Half of the state), East Texas, and Southern Arkansas. Parish that are cover: Avoyelles, Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Caliborne, DeSoto, Grant, Natchotoches, Rapides, Red River, Sabine, Webster and Winn.  This book is broken down by the parish, with the general history being discuss. Many different things of use can be found in this section of the book: such as the establishment of the parish itself, transportation, newspapers, agriculture, education, cities within the parish, early land buyers, slave owners, political notes, military affairs, lists of soldiers, transactions of the Police Jury, and many, many other useful tidbits of information. But what the genealogists will savor, are the biographical sketches that fill this book. Approximately 2/3rds of this book is devoted to biographical sketches of these early settlers. Until now if you could even locate a book, it was extremely difficult to use due to its lack of an index. Due to this problem, we have completed a brand NEW every name index which mentions over 26,000 individuals.