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Bible Records from Barbour County, Alabama - Volume #2.

By: Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1976, Reprinted 2020, 88 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-181-7.  These Bible records were copied from originals by the author.  A listing of the original Bible owners' surnames is shown later, but this no way includes all the families whose entries may be listed in these records: Glover, Ventress, McEachern, Lee, Cawthon, Williams, Lamar, Pomeroy, Hyatt, Walton, Srewart, Petry, Spurlock, Vann, Locke, Bush, Horn, Warr, King, Cadenhead, Cox, White, Seay (See), Thomas, Leverett, Burney, Dixon, Motley, Owens, Lee, Jones, McRae, Walker, Wilson, Searcy-Nordan, Floyd, Smith, Palmour, Sime & Boyle, Sonday-Sprangler-Wertenberger, Lovelace, Peak, Sanders, Carson, Sanders-Riddle, Riddle-Hamd, Riddle, Ivey-Garland, Downing, Hutchisen, Pierson, Mulkey-Hopkins, DuBose, Foy and Dassinger.