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Bible Records from Barbour County, Alabama - Volume #1.

By: Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1976, Reprinted 2020, 84 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-180-9.  These Bible records were copied from originals by the author.  A listing of the original Bible owners' surnames is shown later, but this no way includes all the families whose entries may be listed in these records: Adams, Wood, Richards-Carter, McLeod, Baxter, Efurd, Johnson, Alston, Harwell, Spratling, Walker-Thompson, Grimmett, Ham-Freeman, Danner, Wilkerson, Screws, Watson, Jackson-Locke-Sylvester, Pickett, Bray, Floyd, Bledsoe, Goree, Stroud-Speir, Stow, Motley, Gilmore, Roberts, Trammell, Cliatt, Taylor, Christian, Matin, Green-Oliver, Bush, Andrew, McKenzie, Bowers, Thomas, Spurlin, Caraway, Tew, Andress, Goodson, McKenzie-Harrison, Wilson, Snipes, Lane, McDonale, Dunnning, Lewis, Faulk, Hardwick, Avent-McLendon, May, Rambo, Sims, Lowman, Corbitt, Turnipseed, McKay, Cade and Sapp.