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Barbour County, Alabama, Early Settlers of. (Vols 1 & 2)


By: Helen S. Foley, Orig. Pub 1976, reprinted 2015, 376 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN # 0-893098-160-4.

Originally published as to seperate volumes, these have now been consolidated into one with a complete full name index. The families discussed in this book were selected by the author because they were living in this area when Barbour County was formed in 1832 from parts of Pike and Henry Counties and from Creek Indian lands. Bullock County was cut off from Barbour, as well as part of Russell County. The families listed in this book had patented their land by 1829. This 2 volume work bound in one volume is filled with Georgians by the hundreds who moved into Barbour County. Families being covered: Adams, Ball, Beasley, Beauchamp, bennett, Bizzell, Boswell, Bradley, Breland, Brown, Burch, bush, Byrd, cadenhead, Campbell, Childs, Cole, Cox, Creech, crews, Dansby, Deshazo, Eades, Efurd, faulk, Fenn, floyd, Gillis, Briggs, Grubbs, Harrod, Hartzog, Harwell, Head, Henderson, Hill, Hix, Hobdy, Hood, Jackson, Jernigan, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Lee, Lewis, McEachern, McGilvray, McInnis, McKenzie, McLeod, McLean, McRae, McSwean, Mann, Minshew, Nix, Norton, parmer, payne, Peterson, pitts, pruett, Pugh, Purifoy, Pynes, Richards, Shipman, Siler, Sutton, Swilley, Thomas, Utsey, Ventress, Walker, Ward, Warren, Watson, Williamson, Williams, Willis, Windham, Winslett, Wise, Wood, and Zorn.