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Albemarle County in Virginia


By:  Rev. Edgar Woods, Pub. 1901, reprinted 2023, 412 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-878-1.  Albemarle County was created in 1744 from the western part of Goochland County.  The first five chapters unfold the early history of the county, while the bulk of this book is devoted to biographical sketches of early families.  Surnames to be found within this section of the book: Abell, Alphin, Anderson, Ballard, Barclay, Barksdale, Bibb, Bishop, Black, Bowcock, Bowen, Bramham, Brand, Brockman, Brooks, Brown, Burch, Burnley, Busters, Carr, Carter, Clark, Clarkson, Cochran, Cocke, Cole, Coles, Craven, Dabney, Davis, Dawson, Dedman, Dickerson, Dollins, Douglas, Dowell, Duke, Dunkum, Durrett, Dyer, Eades, Early, Eubank, Everett, Fagg, Farish, Farrar, Ficklin, Field, Fitch, Fretwell, Fry, Gantt, Garland, Garrett, Garth, Gentry, Gilmer, Gooch, Goodman, Goolsby, Gordon, Goss, Grayson, Hamner, Hancock, Hardin, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harvie, Hays, Henderson, Hening, Hopkins, Hudson, Hughes, Irvin, Jameson, Jarman, Jefferson, Jones, Jouett, Kelly, Kerr, Key, Kinkead, Kinsolving, Leake, Levy, Lewis, Lindsay, Lynch, McGehee, McKennie, Macon, Magruder, Marks, Martin, Massie, Maupin, Maury, Mayo, Meriwether, Michie, Mills, Minor, Monroe, Moon, Moore, Moorman, Morris, Neilson, Nelson, Nicholas, Old, Oldham, Page, Patrick, Perry, Peyton, Phillips, Pilson, Piper, Price, Quarles, Railey, Ramsay, Randolph, Rea, Rives, Rodes, Rogers, Sampson, Schenk, Scott, Shelton, Simms, Smith, Southall, Sowell, Staples, Stevenson, Stockton, Suddarth, Sumter, Sutherland, Taylor, Terrell, Thomas, Thompson, Thurman, Timberlake, Tompkins, Tooley, Turner, Twyman, Waddell, Walker, Wallace, Watson, Watts, Wayt, Wertenbaker, Wheeler, White, Wilkinson, Wingfield, Winn, Wood, Woods, Woodson, Yancey, & Yergain.  the remaining portions of the book are appendices of: Frontier Militia, revolutionary Soldiers, military organizations of the county, county officers, emigrants from Albemarle to other states and a necrology from 1744-1890.