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Abstracts from the North Carolina Gazette of New Bern, North Carolina, 1791-1798. Volume #2


By: Raymond Parker Fouts, Pub. 1983, reprinted 2023, 150 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #978-1-63914-172-2.  The city of New Bern is located in Craven County, NC.  The city was founded in 1710 and served as the Capitol of the state from 1770-1792.  Its earliest settlers were of Palatines and Swiss descent.  These abstracts from this newspaper cover a wide variety of genealogical interest, such as: Crimes, Run-Away Slaves giving names of slave and master, Lands for sale including names of seller, physical description and amount of acreage, Marriages and deaths, Divorces, Revolutionary War data, court issues, businesses, and many, many other types of genealogical data.  The data within this book covers persons not only from Craven County, but also persons from neighboring counties of Beaufort, Carteret, Dobbs, Duplin, Hyde, Jones, Pitt and other outlying areas.  The Index mentions approximately 1,700 persons.