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Abstracts from Newspapers of Edenton, North Carolina and Hillsborough, North Carolina, 1785-1800

By: Raymond Parker Fouts, Pub. 1984, reprinted 2024, 118 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-181-4.  Edenton is a town located in Chowan County, NC. which is in the northeastern portion of the state.  It served as the second capitol of the state or Provience of NC, as it was the first European settlement within the state.  Settlers began arriving in the mid to late 1600's as adventurers leaving the Jamestown area started searching the wilderness for new lands and a natural bay on the northern shore of the Albemarle Sound was geographical and natural fit to solve this dilemma.  Newspaper abstracts are a wonderful source of genealogical information.  The author has included all pertinent genealogical information found within this newspaper such as: advertisements of articles for sale, sheriff's sales, grandy jury lists, legal notices, help wanted notices, estate notices, wanted notices, marriage and death notices, letters remaining in the local post office.  These notices cover events, etc. happening in and around Chowan County along with surrounding counties.  This is a veritable goldmine of heretofore unavailable information is now at hand that may not be available in any other form.  Also, there are many scattered references to Virginians throughout these abstracts due to the proximity the area.