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A Researcher’s Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Records Sources, Vol. #2.


By: Robert S. Davis, Jr., Pub. 1991, reprinted 2006, 516 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN #089309-683-5. 

Bob Davis is known for his vast knowledge in Georgia History & Genealogical Research and here in volume 2 of his planned 3 book series, he has complied into one indexed volume, his Favorite Tricks in Georgia Research. Now these tricks do not work every time but when they do, you will be extremely thankful that you have this book in your possession. This book along with its companion volume #1 should be in the library of anyone who is doing genealogy research in Georgia. Chapters included in this volume are: Did you know; Question and answers about Georgia research; the First Georgians and their records, 1733-1783; Records of the Georgia Surveyor General Dept.; the Ceded lands are the Original Wilkes County, GA.; Going to and Gone from Georgia; Migration records; Civil War research in Georgia; some Cherokee and Georgia Indian records - an Addendum; Places in GA.; Sources for local history; Fort files in the John H. Goff Collection; Place name cards in the Leon Hollingsworth Collection; Georgia suppliers to the Confederacy; Georgians - Misc. Colonial Georgia records; Colonial Georgia Records; records in the Cuyler Collection; Index to Governor’s Papers - Cuyler Collection 1756-1786; Misc. Revolutionary War records; 2500 Georgians in the Sheftall Papers; Settlers from Old 96 Dist. S.C. to GA. and beyond; Early GA. Congressmen; list of Georgia doctors before 1830; settlers of the Georgia Indian border, 1829-1833; Georgians at Sanlacinto; some GA. Bounty Land Grants, 1854-1856; 600 Georgia Rebels (biographies); Confederate Dead; Civil War pardons and Amnesty records; Biographical Sketches of the GA. Legislature 1871; some Spanish American War veterans; GA. Confederate Soldiers home; names in county records; Orig. County records at GA. Archives; Obits. from the Milledgeville Area; Butts County Taxable’s 1828; some Chatham County registrants for the land lottery 1827; some families of old Cherokee County; 1850 Census of Clinch (East Lanier) County; Missing pages from the 1801 Elbert County Tax Digest; records of Franklin County; some Hancock County records; some Jackson County Estates 1796-1813; some Loose Liberty and McIntosh County records 1771-1854; Morgan County Yankees 1877; Twiggs County records 1820 and 1866-1901; Whitfield County Politians 1868; some Wilkinson County 1827 land lottery registrants.