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A Collection of Upwards of 30,000 names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776.

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By: I. D. Rupp and M.V. Kroger, Pub. 1876 and 1935, 826 pages with Index, Ebook, ISBN #978-1-63914-281-1.  This book is considered one of the most useful tools for identifying persons who came to North America between 1727 and 1776.  It contains 319 ships passenger list with more than 30,000 names.  Its main emphasis is on the early Palatine immigration. The lists are arranged in chronological order according to date of arrival, listing the names of the ships on which the passengers arrived and the places from which they emigrated. In addition, the appendices list over a thousand early settlers who landed at some port other than Philadelphia, but who afterwards came to Pennsylvania from New York, North Carolina, and Georgia. Included are “Names of the First Palatines in North Carolina, 1709 and 1710,” and “Names of Salzburgers Settled in Georgia, 1734-1741.”  To make this book even more useful, we have included Kroger's 232-page full name index of which the original is lacking.  Without the index, this book can be difficult to use.