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A Century of Wayne County, Kentucky, 1800-1900.

By: Augusta Phillips Johnson, Pub. 1939, Reprinted 2019, 308 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-739-4.

Wayne County was created in 1800 from Pulaski and Cumberland Counties.  It sits in the southern portion of the state along the Walker Line boarding Tennessee.  Of special note: it sits directly above Smith and Jackson counties, TN, during the time of its creation.  The first settlers began arriving along the Cumberland River in the 1770’s.  Revolutionary War veterans also began arriving in the 1790’s prior to the establishment of the county.  All subjects in the development of the county are discussed along with Marriages 1801-1813; Biographical, Genealogical and Miscellaneous Notes on: Bartleson, Berry, Buster, Carter, Chrisman, Duncan, Ewing, Gholson, Hardin, Hendrick, Ingram, Jones, Kendrick, Kennedy, Lanier, McBeath, McDowell, Miller, Oatts, Phillips, Ramsey, Sallee, Saunders, Shearer, Tate, Todhunter, Warden, West, Woods, and Worsham.  The Index has approximately 3,000 entries.