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Butts County, Georgia 1825-1976, The History of.


By: Lois McMichael, pub. 1978, revised and reprinted 2012, 800 pages, hard cover, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-861-7.

This book, besides containing the early history and formation of the county including native American history, and other histories such as churches, business, and civic organizations, also contains some excellent genealogical information, namely the listing of the early settlers, as found in the 1827 and 1832 land lotteries; the 1828 tax list; an 1831 tax list; the 1830 federal census of Butts County; 198 page section containing pioneer family genealogies with 16 new pioneer families, and 50 plus paragraphs of "Snapshot" of Butts County 2012, enhanced index with over 14,000 names.